What is NCGOP Hiding, and Why?

On what evidence was I banned from NCGOP properties and events? Where did that evidence come from? Why does NCGOP refuse to release that evidence?

NCGOP banned me from all events and any NCGOP-owned or -leased properties for almost seven months with no due process.

That banned remained in place for months after I was cleared of ludicrous “party disloyalty” charges.

While the ban has for some reason been rescinded, I want to know why it happened in the fist place.  What evidence was the ban based on?  Where did that evidence come from.

The Ban Letter

I received the following letter via both email and US Mail.

Page One of the Ban Letter
Page Two of the Ban Letter

Those who wish to do so may download the PDF file I was mailed at this link: 2017-09-18 – LTR trespass Yeager (mailed)

Comments on the Ban Letter

I was not removed from the Haywood County Fairgrounds, by the fair authorities or anyone else, as alleged in the letter.  I have evidence that will be shared here shortly.

The allegation that my “actions and writings have… … caused a destructive tone to intra-Party communications” is quite absurd.  The claim is also quite vague, and as with the claim above, not supported by evidence.


This is a work in progress.  More to come.  A lot more.

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